Advanced Technology

At the office of Dr. Sostowski, we are constantly researching the latest dental technologies to provide you with state-of-the-art care. We are a truly modern practice from scheduling and record keeping to the most cutting edge treatment techniques.

Computerized Novocaine

The WAND doesn't look, or hurt, like a syringe, and by using a microprocessor, it provides safe, profound anesthesia to a specific area. You won't have lingering numbness in your tongue, lips or face.

Intra Oral Camera

About the size of a pen, the intra oral camera allows us to see broken fillings, gum problems or small cracks, even in back teeth. You'll see exactly what we see and the intra oral camera is a valuable tool for spotting problems early and avoiding extensive treatment and added expense.

CEREC© System

CEREC® CAD/CAM is the epitome of Modern Dentistry. What it means that in just 2 hours you can have a crown! There are no temporaries and no need for a second visit. It's a precise fit. CEREC® CAD/CAM is less invasive and delivers durable, natural looking crowns in a snap. You can say goodbye to gooey impressions, touchy temporaries, and ill-fitting permanent crowns because CEREC® CAD/CAM uses digital imaging so you get a precise fit without all the mess and without multiple visits.


OralCDx represents a breakthrough in oral cancer detection, a test that will allow you and your dentist to improve the prognosis of a disease that has remained unchanged for the last 50 years. OralCDx is the first computerized brush biopsy system. It allows dentists to quickly, painlessly and reliably detect oral cancer in its earliest, most easily treatable stage. Originally developed as part of the "Star Wars" missile defense program, the OralCDx computer system includes a neural network-based image processing system specifically adapted to detect abnormalities unique to oral brush biopsy samples.