Imaging Technology

To offer you the best options for optimum oral care, your dentist needs the equipment to give the fullest view of your teeth and gums. That's why Dr. Sostowski uses the very latest imaging tools to get the whole picture.

Digital Cameras

A very important aspect of smile design is analyzing every aspect of the smile. Digital Photography allows the doctor and the patient to do this together on the same day they visit our office.

Digital Panoramic System

Panorex x-Rays differ from other types in that they offer a panoramic picture of the teeth, jaw joints and facial bones. That is, the machine makes an entire half-circle motion to capture an image of the entire oral cavity.  Like digital x-rays, digital Panorex x-rays reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to with standard x-rays by up to 90 percent.  Results are immediate, so Dr. Sostowski can make accurate diagnoses on the spot and communicate treatment options to our patients more effectively.

CT Scan - Sirona ConeBeam

Dr. Sostowski utilizes the latest technologies so that he can provide you with the best possible solutions. One of those technologies it the Sirona ConeBeam CT Scanner.

High-tech, in the name of the discoverer of a new dimension Galileo Galilei, a researcher and scientist whose studies long ago included medicine and mathematics, brought the world into the third dimension.  He is the godfather of the Sirona's new X-ray technology, which gives dental diagnostics a new dimension as well.

Discover the Sirona GALILEOS X-ray equipment here: Sirona cone beam  technology for a perfect combination of hardware and software, 3D volume reconstruction and 3D diagnostics.

Digital X-Rays

At Dr. Sostowski's office in Johnson City, our patients' health always comes first. This is why we now offer digital X-rays, a remarkable innovation in dental safety that allows us to reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to with standard X-rays by up to 90%. As soon as the picture is taken, an image pops up on a nearby screen

This amazing technology allows you to view any potential problems in your mouth and discuss them with Dr. Sostowski or a staff member. The real-time dental information provided by digital X-rays thus allows you to make better decisions with regards to your dental health.  Safer, quicker and more efficient for your dental treatment plan.  That's why Dr. Sostowski uses only digital x-ray technology.