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Why Should I Choose an Implant over a Bridge?


Why Should I Choose an Implant over a Bridge?


The prospect of having an implant as opposed to a bridge may seem scary due to the surgery involved, and some patients may also be deterred due to be extra cost, but in the long run it can be much more cost efficient and better for oral health to choose implants over a bridge.  This is because the dental implants should last a lot longer than a bridge provided they are looked after correctly.  There are several reasons for this:

  • § Dental bridges can place stress on the adjacent teeth which can weaken them over time and may lead to further tooth loss. This is avoided by having dental implants.
  • § It's much easier to floss and use interdental brushes on a single implant than to floss thoroughly around a bridge.
  • § Dental bridges involve grinding down healthy tooth structure which can never be replaced. Over time a bridge may begin to leak which allows bacteria to enter these ground down teeth which may result in decay.
  • § Implants actually integrate with the bone and effectively become an inert part of the body whereas bridges are just a dental appliance.

Implants act like natural teeth

One of the major reasons for choosing implants over a bridge is that it stimulates the bone in the area where the tooth is missing and prevents reabsorption from occurring.  A bridge doesn't do this and there is the risk that bone will be gradually reabsorbed underneath the bridge which could lead to an unsightly gap occurring over time.

Implants help save the bone as they act like natural tooth roots, and every time a load is placed on the implant it stimulates the bone the same way the natural teeth used to which helps maintain bone density and quality.  Without this stimulation bone loss occurs, and this means that if a patient chooses to have an implant placed at a later date they may well need a bone graft to ensure that there is sufficient density and that the implant can be placed at the correct height.

Implants look more natural

Dental implants create much better esthetic results as the replacement tooth is seen to be emerging from the gum, just as natural teeth do, whereas the pontic region of the bridge which replaces the missing teeth merely sits on the gum and cannot give such a natural result.

There is no denying that the process of having dental implants is much more involved than having a bridge, but it's well worth putting up with the extra time and cost involved for a long-lasting and natural result that is much better for oral health.

article from findmydentist